Closing Gifts

11 Closing Gifts to Wow Your Client

by Angelane Cervantes on Oct 17, 2022

11 Closing Gifts to Wow Your Client

Giving your buyer a realtor closing gift is a gesture of appreciation and demonstrates your respect for them. A customized present provides the recipient with a sense of honor and builds their trust in your company's offerings. A present is essential for gaining additional customers through recommendations and evaluations in addition to its sentimental significance. Even getting recurring business from the same client is possible with real estate closing presents. A gift fosters connections between the giver and the recipient and helps to create memories—the proper gift cheers up the recipient. A careless one, though, gives a terrible impression, so here are the closing gifts we recommend giving to your client:

 1. Wall Deco

This wall decor is our top recommended closing gift because it really gives the “homey” vibes which your client will definitely love for their newly bought property. What’s even better is that it can be customized and you can have it personalized with any message or design you’d like engraved on the wall decor.


This gift set contains everything your client needs in their newly bought property! Have each item customized for a more personalized look and for sure your client will remember you forever.

3. 2-Tone Cutting Board

If your client loves cooking, then this cutting board is just perfect! It has a two-tone color and is large enough that you can easily chop anything you need.

4. Cutting Board

Think your client might prefer a darker color when it comes to their chopping board? This one is made from walnut and has a darker color than number three! Your client will probably love it if they are opting for a darker theme in their property.

5. Custom Cheese set + Coaster - Closing Gift Set

Your client might love cheese or might often use cheese as one of their ingredients! Our cheese set is made of bamboo so it is eco-friendly!

6. Bottle Opener Coaster

Want to gift them a multi-use item? This bottle opener coaster will probably please them! It can be used as a coaster and a bottle opener at the same time. Definitely one of the best choices for a closing gift. It is also available in different colors.

7. Custom Oval Cheese Set with Two Tools

This custom oval cheese set is great for cheese lovers or just as a part of anyone's kitchen! It comes with two helpful tools: the cheese fork and the spreading knife, making it easier to eat cheese!

8. Coaster Holder

If your client already has coasters, gifting them this eco-friendly coaster holder is one of the best choices! It is made from genuine bamboo so it is guaranteed to be strong and durable.

9. Wine Box with Tools

What’s a better way to celebrate than with a glass of wine, right? Gift them this single wine box available in multiple colors and they will surely love it! It also comes with tools.

10. Double Bottle Wine Box with Tools

More space, more fun! This wine box can safely store up to two wines and includes tools inside as well. It is made from rosewood so you can ensure that this will last for a lifetime.


11. BBQ Gift Set

A BBQ gift set as a present could never go wrong! Everyone loves some good BBQ parties especially when spent with family and loved ones.

To choose the ideal gift, you must be aware of your client's preferences and areas of interest. You have plenty of time during the house-hunting process to figure it out, and you can choose among our recommended products above as a guide on what to give them. All items listed can be customized for a more personalized look, so we are confident that your client will definitely love them!