Valentine's Day

Why Valentines is Celebrated on February 14th

by Angelane Cervantes on Jan 06, 2023

Why Valentines is Celebrated on February 14th

Valentine's Day is celebrated by people all around the world, every year. There are many different theories about why it is celebrated on February 14. Some think that it is because this day was when he was executed, others say it is because of an oracle, while some assume that it's the day of his birth. Valentine's day has some deep and interesting facts that many people don't know about. Today we'll be talking about the how, when, and where of Valentine's day.  One of the most common questions people have for Valentine's is "Why is Valentine's Day celebrated on February 14?" 

Despite having numerous reasons why this is celebrated on this specific date, the most logical is that February 14th was chosen because it marks the 3rd century when Rome and Persia declared that they would stop waging war against each other. After this declaration, a truce was made between these two countries which eventually led to people in France exchanging letters and gifts with Valentine to represent their love. It can also be because this day came to be known as Valentine’s Day during the Middle Ages in England. The holiday was originally an attempt to replace a pagan Roman celebration with a Christian one. That tradition continues today with people exchanging cards, gifts, and flowers. It is also said that Valentine's day is named after a deceased Catholic priest from the Roman century: Saint Valentine. During his time, there was an emperor named Claudius who believed that single men are better soldiers than those who have kids and wives, leaving him to outlaw marriage. This is when Saint Valentine secretly performed marriage rituals for young lovers, which led to the emperor’s order to kill him when they discovered this. There were a lot of stories about Saint Valentine but this by far is the most believable as it is related to love, which is celebrated every 14th of February annually.  Although the origin of valentine’s day is unsure, there are a lot more interesting stories about how it began. One story claims that a prisoner named Valentine, who fell in love with a young girl who visited him while he was incarcerated and may have been his jailor's daughter sent the first "valentine" message himself. It is claimed that before passing away, he wrote her a letter addressed to "From your Valentine," a phrase that is still popular up to this date. 

Even though it might be interesting to know the real story of Valentine’s day and its origin, it might be impossible yet we are still lucky to have a celebration every year that commemorates love. Surely you have found or will soon find your own Valentine. Do you already have one as your Valentine’s date or are you planning to ask someone out? Check out our other blog that will definitely help you find the perfect idea on how to ask out someone if they can be your Valentine!